Park Lane Ventures


Jeff Himawan

Dr. Himawan is a Managing Director and Co-Founder of Park Lane.

In addition to being part of the founding team at Park Lane, Dr. Himawan spent 18 years at EW, where he was a Managing Director of four funds and served on numerous public and private company boards related to EW's investment activity.  At EW, Dr. Himawan primarily focused on investments in therapeutic-based, pharmaceutical assets (both small molecules and also more complex biopharmaceutical compounds) and led the firm’s biotechnology practice.  Through these various investments, Dr. Himawan gained an in-depth knowledge of the rapidly-growing antibody industry and the various technologies related to the discovery, manufacture, and clinical development of antibodies (both monoclonal and polyclonal).

Prior to joining EW, he began his venture capital career at Seed-One Ventures, an incubator fund which he co-founded in 1996.  At Seed-One, he was responsible for managing all of the firm's biotech investments.  EW invested in one of the Seed-One biotech companies, and, as a result of that interaction, Dr. Himawan joined EW in 1999.  Prior to co-founding Seed-One, he was a bench scientist at Genzyme Corporation.

Dr. Himawan is also the founder of Point Road Foundation, which currently has a particular emphasis on environmental issues.

Dr. Himawan received a BS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and holds a PhD from Harvard University.